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Published: 07th September 2010
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today's booming film and television media, endless variety of television programs, people by TV to watch TV programs significantly longer time than ever before, but this also led to problems associated with the viewing eye. According to the National Readership Survey, a study recently published data show that Nearly nine out of respondents watch TV every day, more than half of them watch more than three hours. This state, last long, if not pay attention to protect the eyes, it is very easy for the viewer's visual system to produce adverse effects.

For social responsibility and consumer market considerations, many television manufacturers to introduce in a related "eye" technology, which is where the performance of Panasonic plasma has attracted particular attention, heart care heart of the audience window, its VIERA range of plasma products can be said to create a new visual era.

Plasma authoritative report more Toshihito eye health

According to the latest statistics show that China has more than 400 million patients with myopia, which means that almost one in every three persons have problems with vision system. To reverse this critical situation, on the one hand, consumers need to strengthen the eyes of self-protection; the other hand, television shows and other related products can also be related to the "eye" for breakthrough technology. Currently,

Flat Panel TV In the TV market share growth, which compared to conventional

CRT TV, in the protection of the eyes is superior to. However, the two main LCD flat camp and plasma in the "eye" on the performance of one is better, the average consumer would not know.

Solve this problem, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce co-Chinese Electronics Standardization Institute of the State Council Development Research Center of the market, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Ophthalmology jointly issued "

TV Products and changes in human visual sensory Project Report "show: a long time watching TV,

Plasma TV Cause the proportion of more serious eye symptoms was 12.5%, while

LCD TV Cause severe eye symptoms are as high as 46.9%, LCD TV on the damage to the human eye is 4 times that of plasma TVs. This is mainly because although the LCD has the advantages of low radiation, but also high-light glare LCD representatives. Many people choose LCD TVs because of its relatively bright colors, high contrast. And such a bright light, often through enhancing LCD backlight brightness to achieve. Thus, high-brightness screen and enjoy a long time, but the user will cause visual fatigue.

Health rating firms struggle playing the "eye" brand

"Eye Health" has become popular with TV makers nowadays a common focus of attention. The major TV manufacturers at home and abroad have launched their own products with the eye of television technology.

TCL Independent research and development of natural light technology, light and dark according to the signal characteristics of the screen, take the initiative to adjust the sub-region, and the linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light, the LCD TV on natural light to achieve a similar visual experience. In this year's "51" period, the company also introduced the application of sapphire-blue eye glare technology, television, this product has the capability to detect the brightness of the environment, known as the boot can be done, for Taiwan, not to hurt the eyes to watch the whole. In addition,

Konka Also introduced the use of "quad-core driver" technology, eye care products, through the powerful processing capabilities, improve the image quality. According to the National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre Digital TV Laboratory Director Li Jian said that these new "eye" technology mostly used for different occasions, in the brightness of ambient light and the demand for TV under different circumstances, manually or automatically on the TV The brightness and contrast scientific regulation, to improve viewing comfort, to meet the human eye the best visual effects.

Panasonic Plasma eyes care to create a new era of ratings

Panasonic in the "healthy eye" on the road go earlier, but also go further. The VIERA range of plasma picture quality at the same time guarantee, given the "VIERA" series more ergonomic design, the Panasonic has always advocated the "loving eye" carry out in the end.

"VIERA" means "a new visual era," Panasonic in the processor, drives, displays three areas are fully embodied in the concept.

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